Defining and redefining disease using multimodal data on a national scale: the HDR UK Phenomics Resource


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We are creating a national platform for the dissemination of citable algorithms (incl. validations) and tools which will reduce duplication of effort and improve research reproducibility. We are exploring methods for creating computable representations of algorithms for integration into actionable analytics for healthcare. We hope to fundamentally shift the EHR cultural landscape by a robust incentivisation programme, providing guidelines on best practices, cross-disciplinary training, and ensuring alignment with other international initiatives.

Martin Chapman, Luke V Rasmussen, Jennifer A Pacheco, Vasa Curcin (2020) Phenoflow: A Microservice Architecture for Portable Workflow-based Phenotype Definitions, medRxiv, p. 2020.07.01.20144196, url, doi:10.1101/2020.07.01.20144196


Department of Population Health Sciences
King’s College London
5th Floor Addison House
Guy’s Campus